Anti Social Behaviour Injunctions and Committal Applications

Have you been accused of anti social behaviour?  Has your landlord applied for an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI)?

If you have been accused of anti social behaviour, a local authority or housing association can apply for a Court order to prevent you from behaving in a certain way or to exclude you from a certain area or estate.

Anti social behaviour can include excessive noise, arguments, shouting, swearing and drunken behaviour.  An ASBI can include a power of arrest and, if you are accused of breaching an anti social behaviour injunction, you may face possession proceeding. If you are served with an ASBI it is important that you get specialist advice. We can help you defend your case.

If you already have an anti social behaviour injunction and it is alleged you have breached it, the Claimant (normally the Council or Housing Association) can apply to commit you to prison. You may be arrested straight away or you may receive notice of a hearing date to attend Court. Contempt of Court can be punished with up to two years in prison and it is important that you are represented and receive the right advice.

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If you are arrested, please call out out of hours emergency number of 077694 29487 for 24 hour advice and assistance. 

Legal aid is available if you are financially eligible and we will always assess you for legal aid.

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