A well drafted contract is essential to any business deal and should clearly set out both parties’ rights and responsibilities. Contracts are essential, both to understand both parties get off on the right foot, but also to avoid any disputes or misunderstandings. Contracts can be for a one off project or for an ongoing relationship. Contracts should also be in place if you employ sub-contractors or rely on another person or business to help you provide goods and services.

Our solicitors can help you get the right paperwork for your business – it isn’t a case of one size fits all. If you sell customised products, for example, you don’t want a client to have the same right to cancel as if you sell products “off the shelf”. You also need to consider your payment terms, right to recover interest and what happens if there is a dispute. We can advise you on a draft contract prepared by a third party, point out any pitfalls and suggest steps you can take to protect your business. We can also give you advice on action you can take if a contract has been broken and seek a swift and cost effective remedy to allow you to get on with running your business.

We offer fixed price packages to help you get your paperwork in order so that you can get on with your business without worrying about what happens if something doesn’t go to plan.