The BBC recently aired a particularly upfront documentary dealing with the UK’s high divorce rates, and the fact that around 4 million children (a third of the population) are living with only one biological parent.

Mum and Dad are Splitting Up‘ dealt with this sensitive family issue by bringing together families to talk about divorce and separation from varying perspectives. Award winning director Olly Lambert wanted to highlight the need for communication, and working through not only the reasons behind a divorce, but also the necessity for it to lead to something amicable. As Lambert puts it, “breaking up is not the problem; it’s how you do it.”

David Gray Solicitors LLP are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and offer families a tailored and sensitive service that not only aims to tell you what your options are during the process, but also to listen to concerns and advise out-of-court support services in a time of uncertainty and stress.

According to the Office for National Statistics, Newcastle upon Tyne has the highest number of lone parent households in the North East. In an accompanying BBC article about the documentary and divorce, Paula Hall, a psychotherapist with relationship support organisation Relate states that, “good advice when it comes to children is good contact arrangements, co-parenting communication and minimal conflict.”

Child psychologist, Laverne Antrobus from London’s Tavistock Clinic, also explains “A breakdown of a relationship doesn’t have to mean the breakdown of a couple’s parental relationship.”

As one of the leading firms in the North East of the country, David Gray provides various services including Family Mediation, which covers exactly this element of the separation. David Gray Solicitors will help you avoid creating winners or losers during separation, and focus more on the arrangements you make as a family. Whether this is about the children or your finances, or even both, the mediator will find a solution by allowing all sides to be heard and by being completely impartial.

Collaborative Family Law is another option available from the firm which avoids the courts and a lengthy legal battle with a written agreement, and offers constructive and non-confrontational discussions between all involved with specially trained lawyers.

Even in the most uncertain of times, David Gray are there to support and ease the process of something which affects families across the North East. Visit for more information and to browse a full portfolio of legal services.