Finance in divorce- urgent applications

Urgent applications in divorce

In finance in divorce cases urgent applications to the court are not everyday events but its important to have a solicitor with the right knowledge and experience advising you when the need arises.When couples separate and divorce, real anxieties about finance often come to the surface. It is not uncommon in this situation, when trust has broken down, for one person to try to hide or dispose of assets so that the other person can’t use them. In this situation getting urgent help to  protect your assets requires the  skill of an experienced and  specialist, family, finance in divorce ( also known as financial remedy) solicitor

If you are worried that your partner has sold or given assets to someone else in order to hide them from you, we understand that you will need urgent, clear, practical advice about your options. Several members of our family law team in both our Newcastle and South Shields offices are Resolution accredited specialists in complex finance in divorce cases and we have the experience and skill to advise you and take urgent steps on your behalf. This includes, in appropriate circumstances, making an emergency application to court for a freezing order to prevent assets being disposed of, or an order to recover assets that have already been disposed of by the setting aside of disposals.

For advice about urgent applications  contact us by phone, email or Chat Live on our website to request a no obligation, no charge call back.

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