Living Wills


If you are concerned about something that may happen to you in the future then making a Living Will may put your mind at ease.

A Living Will is a statement that expresses your views on how you would or would not like to be treated if you are unable to make decisions about any potential treatment you may receive in the future.

The term ‘Living Will’ doesn’t have a legal meaning but it can be used to refer to either an ‘advance decision’ or an ‘advance statement’:

  • an advance decision is made if you are concerned about something that could arise in the future.  The ‘advance decision’ means this decision should be abided by, and
  • an ‘advance statement’ is any other decision you make about how you would like to be treated.

Our specialist team of Living Wills solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne or South Shields can draw up a clear and straightforward Living Will for you.  If you have a Lasting Power of Attorney our Living Wills solicitors can incorporate the two.  A Living Will can help make things easier for those closest to you at a difficult time.  Contact our Newcastle upon Tyne or South Shields office to obtain a quote.