Work visas – Tier 2 and Tier 5

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Ensuring the recruitment and retention of skilled personnel is key to the success of businesses. We represent both employers and employees to enable skilled workers to come to or remain in the UK to work in Tier 2 and Tier 5.

Tier 2 enables skilled workers to come to the UK with a work permit for up to 6 years. Applicants must have a UK based sponsor (employer) that holds a licence to recruit non-EEA staff.

Tier 2 is divided into 4 categories:

  • General – for workers coming to the UK to fill a gap that cannot be filled by a UK or EEA worker or shortage occupation;
  • Intra company transfers – for employees of multi-national companies being transferred to a skilled job in their UK based branch;
  • Elite Sports persons;
  • Ministers of Religion.

Tier 5 enables short-term and temporary work to be undertaken in certain work categories. Again applicants must have a UK based sponsor unless applying under the Youth Mobility Scheme.

We assist employers in applying for and administering sponsor licenses, including with immigration compliance issues.

The obligations on employers can be onerous with businesses having to administer strict monitoring, reporting and record-keeping duties. Checks are carried out by the Home Office and the implications for businesses if compliance issues arise can be very serious, including the revocation of their sponsor licence and so the ability to continue to employee key overseas personnel. We can assist at every stage of the process, providing advice on how to ensure your business complies with sponsor duties from the outset and assisting with compliance issues if they do arise.

We assist employees with work visa applications, including initial applications, extensions of stay and indefinite leave for them and their family members.

The Points Based System is complex and its ever-changing requirements can make it difficult to navigate. The need to score points to qualify for entry into or to stay in the UK means that individual’s applications have to be made on the correct basis and with all of the necessary evidence from the outset. We can advise on ensuring that applications do meet the necessary requirements and are given the best chance of success.

Our Legal 500 listed specialist team in Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields is headed by a highly experienced Solicitor and Partner, Bryony Rest. She and the team can advise on all aspects of business immigration, wherever you are in the UK or abroad. We have a proven track record of assisting clients with the recruitment and retention of key staff.

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