Jonathan Cousins



I will assist you if you face investigation or prosecution for any criminal offence. Our solicitors provide 24-hour cover for advice in the police station at any time of day or night.  Anyone interviewed by the police while under arrest or attending voluntarily should have legal advice – it is free.

I am a qualified solicitor and qualified higher court advocate specialising in criminal law.  I have extensive experience of representing people accused of all criminal offences either in the police station or criminal courts.

I believe that every person, no matter what their background, is entitled to have their case argued in the best possible way. I know that your case is important to you and so I am committed to ensuring that my representation is as expert and thorough for minor offences as it is for serious and complex matters.

I have considerable experience in cases where individuals have been mistreated by the police. There can be pressure from the police not to pursue matters but I will ensure you are listened to.

I am an expert in seizures of money and assets, proceeds of crime applications and restraint orders.  These orders can restrict all dealings with money and assets but can be varied or discharged.  Contact me if you have any queries about such applications and orders.

Police and courts are continuing to use extensive powers to restrict football supporters accused of committing crime. I have extensive experience in representing individuals or groups accused of football related violence. This includes successfully arguing against or making changes to Football Banning Orders.

I strongly believe that every person has the right to the best advice and representation. I will complete and assist with your legal aid applications. If legal aid is not available, I will try to provide an affordable quotation or fixed fee.

I have specialised in criminal law since 2005. I am a qualified duty solicitor, member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme and supervisor.