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Business Advice
Just to say many thanks for your help and support before and during my tribunal. It was a pleasure to meet you.
about Mike Bishop – Mental Health
Elderly Care
Thank you very much. I feel much better now. That's really happy news for me. Thank you again.
about Rebecca Boniface – Family
Housing and Property
Thank you dear Rebecca, my advisor and lawyer. I wish all the best in your life progress and career development. See you in other occasion.
about Rebecca Boniface – Family
Wills, Probate and Trusts
Thank you for helping me out- I really appreciate it. Yes I am doing well and am hoping to leave for around October/November. I asked my Dr. about this and he agrees. I am going to use the photo and the form very shortly!!. It is hard for me to use the internet because I have to have a member of staff with me so I may not reply very quickly. You know something? I've always trusted you right from day one... you helped me out when everyone else were being complete ******. I like you and respect you- you give a ****.
about Mike Bishop – Mental Health
Courts, Police and Prisons
A big thank you for all your efforts in supporting us and only through your professionalism did we get the fantastic outcome that we hoped for.
about Ian Lowther – Immigration
Tenancy, Eviction and Disrepair
Thanks very much for your guidance and help during my recent divorce proceedings, which I am relieved are now complete.  It is so nice to have peace of mind once again after those worrying, intervening years. May I take this opportunity to say how much I have appreciated your professional guidance and assistance throughout the proceedings and how pleased I am to have been represented by yourself and David Gray Solicitors LLP during the case”.
about Mary Shaw – Family
Mental Health
There’s such a lot to thank you for, like your thoughtfulness and so very much more. So I am sending warm wishes and special thanks.My life is much richer for just knowing you. People like you make the world a nicer place.
about Sukhi Patter – Family
Accident and Injuries
This has been the worst week of our lives. Your support, both legal and practical, has helped us to get through it with our sanity intact. The fact that you agreed to see us within 18 hours of my initial phone call was, quite frankly, magnificent. Huge thanks from us all.
about Lesley Monkhouse – Family
Public Authority and Human Rights Claims
I just want to say thank you for your help this morning with regards to my concerns.
about Louise Law – Family



You did a great job for Sam in court and we all appreciate how much worse it might otherwise have been.  Thank you so much.
about Brian Hegarty – Crime
Thank you so much for helping me through the court proceedings. You were totally approachable, friendly, compassionate and above all professional. I'm very pleased I had you representing me.
about Ashley Malone – Civil
I just wanted to say how very grateful I am to you. You've been a calm and supportive presence during what has been an enormously difficult time, and your advice has been invaluable. I'm very glad that we went down the collaborative route, and I think that your experience did much to smooth the path for everyone. Thank you.
about Mary Shaw – Family
Legal Assistant
Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, for being patient, kind and empathetic.
about Ashley Malone – Civil

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Customer Relationship Manager
I have nothing but good things to say about the service which has been provided. I hope I will not find myself in a position to have to do so, but if any of my friends are faced with divorce proceedings I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team.
about Mary Shaw – Family
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