Police Station Advice

Police Station Side 1 WebPolice station advice? We offer the best advice and representation if you are to be interviewed at a police station. If you are suspected of committing a criminal offence, the police may arrest you or ask you to attend for a voluntary interview under caution.

Contact our police station advice team on 01912329547 or 07764929487 (out of hours). The police station call out rota is staffed by specialist criminal solicitors.

Our specialist team at Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields can provide free advice at police stations on arrest 24/7.  We will attend at the police station and represent you during your interview.  If you are aware in advance that the police want to speak to you we can often negotiate your surrender for questioning, which may then avoid arrest.  This would mean that your fingerprints and DNA will not be taken.


If you are arrested, you should immediately seek legal advice. You should request David Gray solicitors by name at the police station and the police must notify us. A family member or friend can also contact us. It is crucial that you get Police Station Advice at this early stage.

Interview under Caution

The police may ask you to be interviewed voluntarily. This can take place at the police station, at the roadside or at your home address. If you are to be interviewed under caution then you are entitled to FREE legal advice and representation. We can attend to provide Police Station Advice 24 hours a day and at short notice

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