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    You were a total professional from beginning to end. Your advice was invaluable as was your presence in court. Many thanks for all your hard work.

    Client testimonial about Michael Gibson - Motoring and Crime


The motoring team at David Gray is fully operational and working from home to help and advise you. We are contactable by telephone, email and video conference. Please contact us on 0191 232 9547.

Have you been caught speeding, charged with drink or drug driving or any other road traffic offence?

Our motoring, road traffic, and driving offence specialists based in Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields are able to represent you. We have many years of experience in conducting trials and have an expert team of:

Expert driving solicitors

It is essential you contact the David Gray Solicitors team as soon as possible, our experience shows early advice can be crucial in determining the outcome.

Our expert Motoring Offence solicitors can represent you from the initial stages right up to the Court of Appeal on road traffic matters of all kinds – whether you have been arrested, received a notice of intended prosecution or a letter from the police or court.

If you face investigation, proceedings at the Magistrates or Crown court or need advice on an appeal, contact us now. For early specialist advice contact us as soon as you receive any letter from the police or court.

Specialist motoring offences advice

For driving offences and motoring offences, we will use our years of experience to help you avoid penalty points or disqualification and help you keep your driving licence.

Road traffic offences and exceptional hardship

Many motorists are familiar with the penalty points system which can result in disqualification from driving if you accrue 12 points over a 3-year period.  You need to be aware that even if you do accrue 12 points over a 3-year period, we may be able to prove to the court that you should not lose your licence (be disqualified) as this would cause Exceptional Hardship.

Contact us

Telephone consultations are available at short notice to discuss your driving matter, call us on 0191 232 9547.

For out of hours’ emergency advice please call 07764 929 487

You can book an appointment and visit us at one of our North East offices:


56 Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5XU

South Shields:

142 Fowler Street, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE33 1PZ


What is a motoring conviction?

A motoring conviction is a type of criminal conviction that you will be given if you are prosecuted of a road traffic or motoring offence. Motoring convictions involve speeding, dangerous or careless driving and driving under the influence.

What is an SP30 driving offence?

An SP30 driving offence is the most common road traffic conviction in the UK. It is given for exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road. Other UK driving licence endorsements include SP50 (exceeding speed on a motorway) and IN10 (driving without insurance ).

When do motoring convictions become spent?

If you receive an endorsement (penalty points) on your driving record and a motoring conviction, it can be ignored after a specified amount of time, this is when it becomes ‘spent’. This length of time depends on the sentence imposed.

What is Single Justice Procedure?

A Single Justice Procedure notice may be issued if you have committed a minor offence (e.g. speeding).  It is a special type of magistrates court proceeding where you are not permitted to attend. You must respond to a notice within 21 days.

How do I check my driving convictions?

You can check your motoring convictions online at the DVLA. You’ll need your driving licence number, national insurance number and the postcode on  your driving licence in order to check your driving record.  This will show any disqualification or penalty points you have and when they will be removed.


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