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Driving Without Insurance

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The motoring team at David Gray is fully operational and working from home to help and advise you. We are contactable by telephone, email and video conference. Please contact us on 0191 232 9547.

Our motoring solicitors are experts in road traffic or motoring offences. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields, and offer representation throughout the North East. Our solicitors have many years’ experience on No Insurance charges and are best ranked in the North East. Call now for immediate advice.

Penalty for driving without insurance

Using or permitting the use of a motor vehicle without insurance is an absolute offence, meaning that if your car is on a public road and is not insured under a third-party policy, an offence has been committed. This includes your car being parked on a public road, even where it is not driven.

Police can offer Fixed Penalties of 6 penalty points and a £300 fine for offences of driving uninsured but if the matter proceeds to Court, it can result in an unlimited fine, 6-8 Penalty Points and even disqualification from driving. It is therefore important that you seek specialist advice as soon as possible.

Driving a car without insurance by mistake

Offences of driving without insurance are often committed through genuine mistakes – such as being told by family members that you were covered by their policy or being unaware that a policy taken out online has been cancelled early by the insurer. Our specialist solicitors will fully consider your explanation and provide you with advice about whether you have a special reasons argument available – which could avoid the imposition of penalty points. A conviction for no insurance can drastically increase your insurance premiums so it is in your interests to receive expert legal advice and assistance to give you the best chance of avoiding a conviction.

Ghost brokers

If your insurance was arranged by someone else, but the police say it is not valid – you may have been the victim of a Ghost Broker scam. Thousands of motorists could be unwittingly driving without insurance because of fraudsters selling fake policies.

Tactics used by Ghost Brokers include taking out a genuine insurance policy before quickly cancelling it and claiming the refund. They also forge insurance documents or falsify driver’s details to bring the price down. You will need specialist solicitors to assist in presenting evidence of this to a court.

New drivers with no insurance

If you have passed your driving test in the last 2 years then 6 penalty points would result in your licence being REVOKED – you go back to being a Learner Driver! Please contact us as early as possible to find out if this can be avoided.

Totting up and exceptional hardship

If you receive 12 or more penalty points within a three-year period, you should be disqualified under the Totting-Up system. However, you can avoid disqualification if you can prove that you would suffer “exceptional hardship”. Our specialist solicitors will prepare you properly for this court hearing and provide expert representation. If your driving license is important to you, get the best advice and representation BEFORE you go to court.

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