Exceptional Hardship

Can I avoid a ban by showing I would suffer Exceptional Hardship?

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If you reach 12 penalty points in any 3-year period by ‘totting up’, Court guidelines state that an immediate ban of 6 months or more should be imposed. The period of the ban increases if you have been disqualified before.


Before considering whether a ban should be imposed, the Court will give you the opportunity to raise an exceptional hardship argument in order to persuade them that a ban should not be imposed.


In order to be successful, you must persuade the Court that the hardship you would suffer is beyond that which would normally be suffered by taking away someone’s driving licence.


Loss of your job does not automatically amount to exceptional hardship, as some Courts will regard this as a reasonably foreseeable outcome of losing your licence and therefore not “exceptional”. However, the implications that arise from the loss of employment and the effect it would have on others could amount to exceptional hardship, such as an inability to pay your mortgage as a result of losing your job or not being able to take young children to school if you are the sole driver in the family.


Your case can be expertly prepared by us to ensure that it exceeds the requirements imposed by the Court, guaranteeing the best chance of forwarding a successful argument.


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Northumbria Police road traffic cases are now being dealt with centrally at  Gateshead Magistrates Court – click for directions