Family Mediation- Mary Shaw- David Gray Solicitors LLP

Mediation works. Mediation is a cost effective, non-confrontational way to resolve the problems of family breakdown without having to go through court.

Mediation (also known as family mediation) helps you and your former partner reach joint agreements. It focuses on developing practical solutions to problems that might otherwise feel overwhelming.

Mediation lays the foundation for a more co-operative relationship between you and your former partner, enabling both of you to move forward and adjust successfully to new lives.

We provide mediation on all family related issues, including divorce and separation, arrangements for children and financial matters. One of our highly skilled mediators will meet with you and your former partner to help you discuss the issues you are facing in a constructive way. Our mediators are trained to help you find a solution that works for you and your family.

Our mediators also work closely with other professionals to ensure you receive the information and guidance you need to make the best decisions for your family. In complex financial cases, for example, we can involve specialists in pensions, property and business valuation.

All meetings are confidential and take place in an informal and comfortable setting.

We provide mediation from our offices in Newcastle and South Shields, including to clients eligible for Legal Aid.  We can also arrange meetings in Hexham by appointment.

Please contact our mediation co-ordinator Louise Law by telephone on 0191 222 0830 or by email at for more information or Chat Live on our website to request a no obligation, no charge call back.