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It is thought that up to half of the UK adult population either do not have a will, or the one that they do have is no longer valid.  It is often the case that this task will sit on a ‘to do’ list for a long time, however, at David Gray Solicitors our expert wills solicitors can help you tick it off with expert legal advice from our will specialists.

Passing away without a will can not only can create a lot of stress for your loved ones, who are likely already dealing with grief and shock, it can also result in your assets and money being distributed in a way that may not align with your wishes and may not be left to the people or charities you would choose. View our introductory video on wills to find out more:

Preparing and signing a will allows you to take control. You can appoint friends or family members you trust to handle your estate and if you have children, you can appoint legal Guardians for them should the worst happen to you. Sometimes our clients will make a Will but not have family or friends they can appoint to handle their estate for example if they have lost contact or their family live far away. If this is the case, a client can appoint a professional attorney such as a solicitor. We are happy to take on this role should a client wish to appoint us and we can discuss with them any specific wishes about how they would like their estate to be handled.

Our dedicated wills solicitors can help with simple straightforward wills (often no more than 2 pages long) or more complex wills and Inheritance Tax planning or trust creation. The David Gray wills lawyers are dedicated to making the process of creating a will as stress-free as possible, giving you the peace of mind that your affairs will be in order after your death. We can even store your new will in our safe free of charge.

Even if you already have a will you may need to make a new one if you:

  • move house
  • divorce
  • re-marry
  • have children
  • have children reaching 18 years of age
  • have a death within the family
  • have a change of financial circumstances
  • move in with a new partner

Urgent Will

We understand that sometimes life can take an unexpected turn and people can find themselves in need of a lawyer who can complete a will for them urgently. We are able to visit clients in their own home, in care homes, hospices and hospitals where required. If you or a loved one needs a will completing urgently, please contact us by telephone and advise that the matter is urgent. We will assess if we have a member of the team available to assist within the timescale and if so, we will arrange to take instructions. Where a will is urgent, we would be looking to meet the client to take instructions either same day or next day.

Living Will

A Living Will is a statement that expresses your views on how you would or would not like to be treated if you are unable to make decisions about any potential treatment you may receive in the future.  The term ‘Living Will’ doesn’t have a legal meaning but it can be used to refer to either an ‘advance decision’ or an ‘advance statement’:

  • An advance decision is made if you are concerned about something that could arise in the future.  The ‘advance decision’ means this decision should be abided by, and
  • An ‘advance statement’ is any other decision you make about how you would like to be treated.

How Can Our Wills Solicitors Help?

As well as advising you on the most suitable options for a will that will fulfill your needs and address your concerns, our experienced wills solicitors also provide a will writing service, where they will also draft your will and associated documents.

Whatever the situation our wills solicitors, who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, in Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields are here to help and advise. Please contact us for a quote.

How much will a new will cost?

We can often offer a fixed fee for a new Will or Living Will.  Our fixed fee for a simple single Will starts at £250 plus VAT and £425 plus VAT for simple joint mirror Wills for a couple.  We understand that price is a key factor for clients and we will therefore offer you clear and concise information about our pricing structure. We offer free storage of Wills in our safe.

Wills services Suitable for: Cost
Simple will Clients with estates under Inheritance Tax Thresholds

(£325,000 if single or £650,000 if a couple)- ignore RNRB

–          IHT advice and care fees advice are NOT included

£250 plus VAT = £300 Single

£425 plus VAT = £510 Couple

Complex will Clients needing Inheritance Tax advice (but not APR/BPR advice)

Or care fees advice

Or Will contains trust

Or clause allowing spouse/partner/other to continue living in the house for life.

£425 plus VAT = £510 Single

£600 plus VAT = £720 Couple

Potential additional costs to above Client cutting out spouse or child (high risk of claim by disinherited party). Statement needed to go with will Extra £50 plus VAT = £60

On top of above fees for “simple” or complex wills

Death bed will Someone wishing to make an urgent will while terminally ill £500 plus VAT = £600
Home visit Someone wishing to make a will at home Starting from £500 plus VAT depending on complexity
Trust creation Clients who want to create trusts for disabled persons and with letter of wishes £600 plus VAT = £720 Single

£700 plus VAT = £840 Couple

It is often the case that clients will consider setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney at the same time as making a Will and we offer packages when clients proceed with Wills and LPAs at the same time. The prices below are based on simple Wills and the Wills and LPAs being done at the same time. If you are interested in one of the packages but think your Will instructions may be more complex, please give us a call on 0191 232 9547 and we can provide you with a tailored quote.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) only pricing

*Every LPA attracts an additional £82 per LPA OPG registration fee.

Single Person Price Savings (inc. VAT)
1 LPA £400 plus VAT = £480 n/a
2 LPAs £750 plus VAT= £900 Includes saving of £60


Couples Price Savings (inc. VAT)
1 LPA each £750 plus VAT = £930 Includes saving of £60
2 LPAs each £1,200 plus VAT = £1440 Includes saving of £480


The following are packages of assistance designed to save you money if you need more than one service.

Simple Will/ LPA packages

*Every LPA attracts an additional £82 per LPA OPG registration fee.

Single Person Packages Price Savings (inc. VAT)
Simple Will & 1 LPA £600 plus VAT = £720 Includes saving of £60
Simple Will & 2 LPAs £925 plus VAT  = £1110 Includes savings of £150
Couples Packages Price Savings
Simple Mirror Wills & 1 LPA each £1,050 plus VAT = £1260 Includes savings of £210
Simple Mirror Wills & 2 LPAs each £1,600 plus VAT =£1920 Includes savings of £510

Complex Wills/ LPA packages

*Every LPA attracts an additional £82 per LPA OPG registration fee.

Single Person Packages Price Savings (inc VAT)
Complex Will & 1 LPA £775 plus VAT = £930 Includes saving of £60
Complex Will & 2 LPAs £1,100 plus VAT = £1320 Includes saving of £150


Couples Packages Price Savings (inc VAT)
Complex Mirror Wills & 1 LPA each £1,225 plus VAT = £1470 Includes saving of £210
Complex Mirror Wills & 2 LPAs each £1,775 plus VAT = £2130 Includes savings of £510

Our wills lawyers are experienced in all matters of wills, and are committed to making sure the process is straightforward and stress-free, regardless of how complex your estate may be.

If you are looking for further help with life planning, including estate planning and estate administration, our team can help:

Glossary of Terms

Making sense of the terms used in wills can be difficult. At David Gray we strive to make the process of creating a will as easy to understand as possible. Although our wills are written in plain language, some terms may require further explanation. Our A to Z of Wills may be useful when researching wills to understand more about the terminology used.

Contact Our Wills Solicitors

For more information or expert advice, please contact our specialist will solicitors on 0191 232 9547 and ask to speak to a member of our team about your Will, or the arrangements for setting up a new will.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a will?

If you don’t have a will then the rules of intestacy decide where your estate will go and this may not be in line with your wishes. Often people will say they are only young or do not have many assets so do not think they need a will. However, no one knows what is around the corner and people often underestimate their assets. For example, you may have death in service benefits through your employer or a life insurance policy. It is therefore important for all adults to consider a will to ensure their wishes are followed.

Can I write my own will?

Yes it is possible to write your own will in the UK however, it is very important to receive full advice and ensure your will is correctly drafted, signed and witnessed. If any aspect of your will is not done properly, it may be invalid and your wishes may not be followed on your death. Even if a homemade will is valid, sometimes issues need to be rectified once you have died and this can end up costing more to fix than it would have cost to make a will.

A person must have capacity to make a Will and not be unduly influenced by anyone as to the contents. It is possible for people to challenge wills based on lack of capacity or coercion and this process would be very stressful for your loved ones. As part of our service, we check for these issues before a Will is drafted and signed to ensure your Will is as watertight as possible to give clients peace of mind. Our team have the specialist knowledge to guide you through the process and ensure that the will you complete is valid and is appropriate for your circumstances.

The David Gray Wills Solicitors Team

Nicola Fisher

Associate Solicitor

Alexa Wilson


Caitlin White

Trainee Solicitor

Sophie Sherwood


Hayley Baker

Customer Relationship Manager

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