Millions of drivers are in the dark over new £2,500 speeding fines coming into force next weekDaily Mail

Speeding fines get bigger on Monday, and 80 per cent of drivers have no idea ! The Telegraph

The truth is that only the top bracket of Speeding fines imposed at court has been changed, with a new higher penalty being introduced for those offenders who drive at speeds excessively above the limit.

There is an increase to fines for the top band of seriousness to ensure that there is clear increase in fine level as the seriousness of offending increases. This means fines for these offenders will have a starting point of 150 per cent of weekly income rather than the existing level of 100 per cent of weekly income. This would apply to those who for example travel at:

  • 41mph or more where there is a 20mph limit,
  • 51mph or more where there is a 30mph limit or
  • over 101mph on a motorway.

Sentence levels for less serious offences are not changing.

Fixed penalties or speeding tickets are not changing

Eligibility for Speed Awareness Courses is not changing

The maximum fines allowed by law remain the same, so fines cannot exceed these. The maximum fine for speeding is £1000, unless it takes place on a motorway, in which case it is £2500.

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