A study by charity SafeLives has revealed that victims of domestic abuse suffer for almost three years before they receive the help they so desperately need.

The charity analysed data from over 35,000 cases and reports that victims live with domestic abuse, on average, for 2.7 years before getting sufficient help. Worryingly, this is an average figure, meaning some victims are suffering for much longer and some victims suffering over 50 incidents of domestic violence before getting real help.

The report highlighted that victims of domestic abuse try to get help from professionals, including GP’s, Police and Social Workers, but end up having to ask for help, on average, five times before receiving effective guidance. The charity calls for professionals to act quicker and more effectively to ensure the safety of victims and their children. 

Shockingly SafeLives estimates that there are approximately 100,000 people at risk of murder or serious injury from domestic abuse in England and Wales at any one time, 94% being women.

Domestic abuse isn’t just physical abuse, it can be emotional, psychological, sexual or financial. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone.

If you are suffering domestic abuse we have a dedicated and experienced domestic abuse team who will listen to your concerns and advise you about your options. We can usually see you on the day you contact us, at either our Newcastle or South Shields offices, and make an urgent application to Court that day if necessary.

We work closely with a number of domestic abuse charities and support services who we can refer you to who can provide you with the practical support you may need on a day-to-day basis.

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