Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice on 13 June 2019 confirm that the percentage of immigration and asylum appeals being allowed is at its highest on record.

In the year to March 2019 52% of appeals were successful. 

Human Rights appeals were the most likely to succeed followed by EEA appeals.

The appeal process can be a challenging maze for appellants. To give the highest chance of success it is vital that they are represented by an experienced adviser.

The high number being overturned highlights the poor quality of initial decision-making by the UKVI. Expertise is required from the outset as each point raised by the Home Office in the refusal letter must be addressed. An experienced adviser will be able to identify grounds of appeal and provide advice in relation to the prospects of success.

Providing the correct evidence at the right time and in the right format is crucial. Appeals risk being refused if the evidence provided is insufficient or poorly presented. An experienced adviser can assist with ensuring that the relevant evidence is submitted.

If an oral hearing is requested, it is important for the appellant to have an advocate who can advance their argument in a concise and convincing way to the judge.

At David Gray Solicitors LLP our team of experienced advisers can help you navigate the appeals system. Appeals work is undertaken by our Solicitors who have many years’ combined experience in representing appellants and a high success rate on appeals.

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