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Executor of an estate

I have been appointed as an Executor or Administrator in a loved one’s estate.  What does this mean and what do I have to do next? Role of an Executor The appointment of an Executor in a Will should not be taken lightly.  The role may be a demanding and complex one. ...
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All change for Probate

Probate Modernisation The process of applying for probate which was unchanged for years is being modernised by the government. The latest changes come into effect from the 18th of May 2020. The government is pushing through modernising reforms despite the pandemic and...
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Now, I’m a proper grown up!

A recent wills client kindly wrote a step by step guide of how her wills experience was – Like most people have a will was something I had often thought about especially since my husband and I have two children. However, there always seemed to be something else...
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The Season of Goodwill

How to Gift it: Charities and Wills There are many very good reasons for writing wills – making things easier for your family, ensuring your assets are split according to your wishes and appointing competent executors are just some good reasons. Another...
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DIY Probate- The pitfalls

Routes to applying In the modern age it seems everyone has a smartphone and we spend an increasing amount of time on line looking at social media, shopping following the news and keeping in touch. Access to the internet is changing the way we all shop and buy...
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