A recent wills client kindly wrote a step by step guide of how her wills experience was –

Like most people have a will was something I had often thought about especially since my husband and I have two children.

However, there always seemed to be something else to do with our time, something else more urgent (how quickly does the annual insurances and energy tariffs come round?) It’s just one of those things that you just never quite get round to.

Just do it!

The current pandemic prompted us to take action and get in touch with a solicitor to get a will drawn up. I was really surprised at how quick, easy, and straightforward it was. I had anticipated trawling through lots of paperwork so we can give details of any assets such as pension providers and amounts and dates etc. I was so wrong about this!

Once I got in touch with the firm they sent me a questionnaire where you basically draw up a list of what assets you have, who you would like them to go to and who you would like to oversee this should the worst happen.

Choosing a law firm

With spending more time at home I was able to do some research and found there was a lot of choice when choosing someone to do your will. You can do it yourself though I read some horror stories with this. There are also smaller one man bands, who offer the service but I was a bit worried about experience, insurance etc. I chose David Gray Solicitors as they hold some accreditations with the Law Society which others didn’t seem to have and that gave me total peace of mind.

I rang to make an appointment to speak to somebody and was put through to a lady I later discovered was Hayley who deals with all the phone enquiries and she put me totally at ease as she chatted me through the price and process.

Key elements of the will

My solicitor, Andrew, then sent me out a questionnaire so we could have a think in advance about some key questions such as who would inherit in the event my husband and I both passed. Andrew also pointed out a couple of things we wouldn’t have thought about such as appointing a guardian for our children if neither of us was around anymore.

It’s hopefully something that we’ll never need but it’s great to know that the formal document is in place should it ever be needed. I can’t imagine being in the situation of being widowed and then having to fight to gain access to our joint assets.

I was really surprised at how quick and straightforward it was, it was all wrapped up in a couple of weeks (even in lockdown) after that initial questionnaire and telephone conversation and it was much cheaper than I expected. I urge anyone to make a will and not leave the additional pressure on your loved ones in the event of your death.

If you want to get organised then give Hayley a ring on 0191 232 9547.