Whilst the world celebrates the new arrival of baby Cambridge, William and Kate will no doubt today be facing up to the practicalities of having a new born baby at home for the first time. Although these royal parents may get a little more help with the sleeplessness and nappy changing that awaits them, royal or not, there are certain things that every parent should know:

Registering the Birth

All births in England must be registered within 42 days. This can be done at the local registry office or in certain circumstances, at the hospital. William and Kate will need to have a name for the baby prior to the registration- so let’s hope they can agree on one soon!

Parental Responsibility

As William and Kate are married, William automatically has parental responsibility for the baby. Mothers always have parental responsibility for their children. If the parents are unmarried and the baby is born after the 1st of December 2003, the father will have parental responsibility if he is named on the baby’s birth certificate. Otherwise, there are two ways to get parental responsibility- by entering into an agreement with the mother or by making an application to the Court.

Having parental responsibility means that mum or dad can make decisions about the child and their upbringing. This can include which school the child attends, what religion they practice and whether they undergo medical treatment. The decision making should be shared if both parents have parental responsibility.

So, even if your bundle of joy is not destined to be the future King of England, rest assured that William and Kate will be taking the same practical steps as all other new parents in the coming days-admittedly with more press coverage!