Business Secretary Vince Cable has this week been supporting controlled immigration to UK by highlighting the positive impact it has on British society.

Cable’s comments further support conclusions reached by the University College of London, who released figures from a long-running study showing that immigrants from the EEA actually contributed £8.8bn more than they received in benefits.

The report stated: “Analysis suggests that rather than being a drain on the UK’s fiscal system, immigrants arriving since the early 2000s have made substantial net contributions to [the UK’s] public finances, a reality that contrasts starkly with the view often maintained in public debate.”

This information supersedes claims from the UK Independence Party suggesting that immigrants are ‘a financial burden on the British economy’; as the study also highlighted that native Britons pose a significant deficit in comparison.

According to information from the Office of National Statistics there are roughly 8 million non-UK born residents living in England and Wales. Newcastle, the city with the largest population in the North East of the country, has a considerable proportion of residents either non-British (9%) or born outside of the UK (11%). This is higher than the North East average, and enquiries into immigration advice in Newcastle are frequently directed to specialist firms, such as our team at David Gray Solicitors LLP.

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Our firm deals with a number of sensitive situations regarding immigration, which are often made worse by the mis-portrayal of immigrant productivity in the tabloids and UKIP agendas.

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