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#KeepItOutofCourt – Family Dispute Resolution Week 25 to 29 November 2013

David Gray Solicitors is proud to support Family Dispute Resolution Week. This initiative was launched by the national family law association Resolution in 2012 and is hopefully to be an annual event. The week aims to raise awareness of “no court”, non-confrontational ways of resolving the issues arising from separation and family breakdown.

According to a Resolution survey in late 2012 the overwhelming majority of Britons believe that putting children’s interests first or avoiding conflict are the most important factors when going through divorce.

Four out of five (78%) say that putting children’s interests first would be their most or second most important consideration in a divorce, and 53% would prioritise making the divorce as conflict-free as possible.

Yet, despite this, over 80% of people believe that children end up being the main casualties of divorce, and 40% believe that divorces can never be without conflict – a figure that rises to nearly half (47%) of those who are currently divorced themselves.

Despite the increasing availability of non-court alternatives, nearly half (45%) think that most divorces involve a visit to court. Interestingly, and in stark contrast to the media focus on celebrity and “super rich” divorce cases, financial factors are not seen as particularly important with only 1% saying that being financially better off than their partner would be the most important consideration should they divorce.

These findings show that most people do want to put their children first and to avoid conflict during separation but that things can go badly wrong when they find themselves in Court or in face to face conflict on the doorstep because solicitor negotiations have become heated.

Resolution has commissioned a new survey this year and we shall be blogging and tweeting with the latest information as soon as we have it.

Here at David Gray Solicitors we have committed time and our people to developing a range of Family Dispute Resolution options to best meet individual clients’ and families’ needs.

Family Dispute Resolution options keep people much more in control of their separation process and the outcome. These processes give our clients the opportunity to place the people, the things and the issues that are most important to them at the heart of their discussions and can be much more cost-effective

The DR options that we offer at David Gray are:-

Collaborative Law

We have three collaboratively trained lawyers, Mary Shaw Jenny Carter and Nicky Hunter.

Family Mediation

Mary Shaw is a practising family mediator.

Choosing Options Together

Our couples’ information meetings are, we believe, an almost unique service offered by Mary Shaw

Our Family Dispute Resolution week activity

On the 26 November at the Old Assembly Rooms, next door to our office, our local Resolution group will be hosting an event to support Family Dispute Resolution Week.  There is an open invitation to this event which begins at 5pm for 5.30pm.

At the event there will be presentations about mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and Resolution’s Family Matters service (based in our office).  Mary Shaw will be making the presentation on collaborative law and Claire Hunter will be presenting about Family Matters.

Throughout the week we will be offering free DR process options information meetings where you can meet one of our family team and learn more about the different options available. 

For your free appointment please call us on 0191 232 9547 or email us at

Follow our family team on Twitter @NE_FamLaw

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