Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian


How to protect the interests of vulnerable people.

Our Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian solicitors have been protecting the interests of vulnerable people in Newcastle upon Tyne, for over 30 years. We also work in South Shields.

The Court of Protection makes decisions for people who haven’t the mental capacity to decide for themselves.  A deputy (often a family member) will manage the person’s property, financial affairs or health and personal issues.  Our experienced Court of Protection team in Newcastle or South Shields can advise and assist you help someone you care about when they can no longer do this for themselves.

Our solicitors can represent concerned family members who require a decision concerning health and welfare from the Court of Protection.  This could include where they should live and with whom or whether they should receive a particular treatment.

We can also act on behalf of the Official Solicitor in Court of Protection proceedings. The Official Solicitor is appointed by the court to represent the incapacitated person’s best interests. When appointed by the Court of Protection we can act as a professional deputy to manage the affairs of the incapacitated person.

Our solicitors in Newcastle and South Shields can also assist family members or lay deputies in managing others’ financial affairs. We can also offer advice and guidance on financial management when an individual has lost or is losing capacity and so progress urgent interim applications to the court.  The team in Newcastle and South Shields offers an experienced and friendly service and can visit you at home.

For more information please contact a member of our Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian Team who will be able to discuss your issues and help find a solution to the problems you may be encountering with a close friend or family member.