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Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) can ensure that your wishes are carried out if you lose capacity.

While we all hope to avoid suffering from dementia there are practical steps we should all be thinking about now to plan for the future in case of problems in later life.  In particular, it is prudent to write a Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA.  It’s the old story of fixing the roof while the sun is shining.  Without an LPA who would handle the things if you were unwell due to dementia, stroke or other incapacity?

An LPA is a legal document or form you can write now appointing one or more people to act as attorneys to handle your affairs in case you become unwell later. You can have one or more attorneys acting together or separately. You can appoint replacements in case the first attorneys cannot act. For example, you can appoint your wife as first attorney with your son as replacement attorney.

There are two types of LPA:

  • An LPA for Property and Affairs would cover for example paying bills, collecting pensions and generally looking after your affairs
  • An LPA for Health and Welfare can cover personal matters such as where you live, care plans and even medical treatment including end of life issues. These are sensitive personal issues and it is important that your attorneys should know your wishes.

Before it can be used the LPA must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. This can take months rather than weeks. We can ensure registration goes smoothly for you. This can avoid delays later. Once registered the LPA can be kept in a safe place until needed.

The important thing is that writing an LPA gives you the chance now to make plans and arrangements for the future in case the worst happens. It is a sort of insurance to ensure people you trust are handling your most important personal affairs. Without an LPA matters could be left to chance.

You can begin writing an LPA by contacting Cliff Veitch and his team. We have many years experience of these matters and can guide you through the choices involved in writing a document that is right for you. We can also work to a fixed price fee budget with no surprise charges.  For more information please contact our Lasting Power of Attorney Department on 0191 232 9547 and ask to speak to a member of our team for more information.

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