There have been years of under investment and empty pledges supporting the view that Mental Health Services are the Cinderella Service of the NHS.

Budgets for Mental Health Services fell by 2% between 2013-15 and are projected to rise by only 0.3% but there is a 10% increase in the number of people sectioned under the Mental Health Act over the past year.

The Prime Minister has promised more funding and to put mental and physical health care on an equal footing.

You can find out more about the report, which was published last month here.

Our Mental Health Team is the largest in the North East and we offer advice on all aspects of the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act. If you or a family member are subject to the Mental Health Act or there are concerns about capacity do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0191 243 8168 for specialist advice in this complex area of law or Chat Live now.