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  • I was very happy with the results Emma Silburn got me

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Crime & Mental Health

    I  have emerged with a result that I just could not have anticipated, mainly due to the in court efforts of Emma who was an absolute star in her presentation to the bench, I felt that she pushed it to the limit and was successful with her efforts.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Crime

    Emma has commendable humane qualities that should be admired. She is a bright talented solicitor who is clearly dedicated to her job and believes in doing the best for her client…which quite frankly I find exceptional.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Mental Health

    The case was articulated with great clarity and skill by Mrs. Silburn (to whom we are very grateful)

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Mental Health

    Thank you so much for all your help and support. You did a fantastic job.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Crime and Mental Health

    Thank you for representing me. I am delighted with the outcome. I greatly appreciate the time and effort of going through with me. Please will you pass on my sincere gratitude to your colleague Emma for her dedicated approach to my case as well.

    Client testimonial about Mike Bishop and Emma Silburn- Mental Health

    I am very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend David Gray Solicitors, they have highly dedicated teams of professionals, patient experts and lovely staff. Huge thanks to Emma Silburn, Hannah Mostoufi and all of the team involved.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn & Hannah Mostoufi - Crime

    Thank you for your representation and best wishes, I found everyone I encountered at David Gray to be exceptional and will continue to recommend David Gray to friends in the future.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Mental Health

    She made me feel a valued human being, preserved my dignity and that I was not just another case. She has a commendable understanding of mental health (MH) and if there were more people like Emma to represent those who suffer from a MH illness the world would be a more humane place.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Mental Health

    She believed in me and stood by me, even when times were difficult and I was beginning to buckle under the pressure she offered me strong shoulders.

    Client testimonial about Emma Silburn - Mental Health

    I am a solicitor specialising in mental health and court of protection work.. I am an Accredited Mental Health Tribunal Member and regularly represent clients detained under the Mental Health Act at tribunals to request their discharge from detention or to assist them with other legal issues.

    In relation to those detained under the Mental Health Act, I can attend all necessary care programme approaches (CPAs) or review hearings and progress your case in the best way possible.

    I am able to advise both detained persons and ‘nearest relatives’ as to their rights under the Mental Health Act. Should you be unhappy with your ‘nearest relative’ then I can advise on the options for changing/removing them.

    In relation to court of protection I am regularly instructed by advocates to represent those who are deprived of their liberty and wish to challenge placements in a care home or other authorised setting and represent those who lack capacity through the offices of the Official Solicitor as litigation friend. I can also help family members who are involved in a health and welfare dispute about their family member such as where they should live or who they should have contact with.

    Whatever your problem you will have enough time to discuss it with me in detail so that together we can devise the best way to resolve it. I always listen to what my clients want to achieve and have been described as ‘calm’, ‘reassuring’ and ‘sympathetic’.

    I studied law at Sheffield Hallam University. I went on to study for my Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BBP Law School in Leeds where I graduated in 2006. I have worked at David Gray Solicitors LLP since I trained and qualified as a solicitor at David Gray Solicitors LLP in 2009.