Representation at Crown Court

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Representation at Crown court by an excellent team. Crown court crime specialists with many years experience in representation. Based in Newcastle and South Shields, we represent throughout the North East and beyond. Our solicitors represent defendants across the full range of criminal offences including murder, rape, sexual offences, extensive drug importations and supply, violent crime, white-collar crime and regulatory offences.

If you face serious criminal charges, you need our expert high quality representation. We are consistently given top ranking in the Legal 500 directory. A team of specialists will ensure proper preparation of your case – winning is often in the attention to detail.

Why Crown court?

Your case may be heard in the Crown court if it is so serious it can only be heard there, or the offence is of a type where the defendant is given a choice about where he wishes to be tried. In the Crown court, a trial takes place before a judge and jury.

Our Higher Court Advocates have an excellent track record of successfully defending people in the Crown court., Appeal court and High court.


We provide advice and representation through private funding or legal aid.  We will advise you fully of your options and assist with a legal aid application if necessary.


Contact our Crime team at our offices in Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields. If you are facing serious criminal charges,  early specialist advice is crucial. Our Crime team can be contacted at any time. In an emergency contact our Out of Hours Service directly on 07764929487


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