Emma Silburn


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I am a solicitor specialising in crime and mental health.

I represent people detained at the police station free of charge.  I also represent people summonsed to court for offences ranging from road traffic offences, to benefit fraud to serious violence and everything in between.  I can represent you – whether you are pleading guilty on your first appearance at court or pleading not guilty and going to trial.

I am also an Accredited Mental Health Tribunal Member and regularly represent clients detained under the Mental Health Act at tribunals to request their discharge from detention or to assist them with other legal issues

As a member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme and I am qualified to represent people at court under the Duty Solicitor Scheme.

I specialise in representing youths in the youth court but also regularly represent adults in the adult court.  Whether your case is eventually dealt with in the magistrates court or crown court I can advise on any other matters which may arise such as proceeds of crime orders or restraining orders.

In relation to those detained under the Mental Health Act, I can attend all necessary care programme approaches (CPAs) or review hearings and progress your case in the best way possible.

I am able to advise both detained persons and ‘nearest relatives’ as to their rights under the Mental Health Act.  Should you be unhappy with your ‘nearest relative’ then I can advise on the options for changing/removing them.

Whatever your problem you will have enough time to discuss it with me in detail so that together we can devise the best way to resolve it.  I always listen to what my clients want to achieve and have been described as  ‘calm’,  ‘reassuring’ and ‘sympathetic’.

I studied law at Sheffield Hallam University. I went on to study for my Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BBP Law School in Leeds where I graduated in 2006.