Janice Hall


Janice Hall - Road Traffic solicitor

I am a senior solicitor with over 15 years experience and specialise in criminal law.

I am an expert in criminal law with an emphasis on representing people in court and under investigation. We believe the best advice should be available from the outset – as a senior solicitor, I continue to provide advice in the police station as part of our 24-hour cover.  Anyone interviewed by the police while under arrest or attending voluntarily is entitled to free legal advice. Contact me for immediate specialist advice.

I have a particular interest in cases of domestic violence and sexual offences. The court often views a female solicitor questioning a ‘vulnerable person’ more favourably.

When the power of the state is against you, I will be on your side. I will ensure you are listened to and you are given the best possible advice and representation. Being under investigation or appearing in court can be a daunting experience for anyone. I will help you to understand everything using accessible language.

I have considerable experience representing very young defendants charged with serious offences. If required, I will work alongside parents or carers to ensure that the young person is actively involved in understanding the process and making decisions, which may affect their future.

I strongly believe that every person has the right to the best advice and representation. I will complete and assist with your legal aid applications. If legal aid is not available, I will try to provide an affordable quotation or fixed fee.

Winning cases is often in the detail. I will work hard, preparing your case and ensure everything is covered.

I have specialised in criminal law since 1996. I trained in Glasgow and first qualified as a solicitor in Scotland. I have been a qualified solicitor in England & Wales since 2001. I am a qualified duty solicitor, member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme and supervisor.

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