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Family, Children and Relationships
I am very happy with the eventual agreement reached and I truly appreciate the time and effort you have put in to my case. You have put me at ease on many occasions when times have been difficult and I have felt like my case was always treat with individual personal attention. I will be recommending you and your firm to others, so, thank you for being good at your job.
Cara Smith – Family
Business Advice
Jane was a very good facilitator for the mediation sessions… thank you for all your help.
Jane Wilkinson – Family
Housing and Property
Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding when I have been in distress.
Lucy Mead – Family
Wills, Probate and Trusts
Thanks so much for all your hard work in getting our house sale & purchase to go through.
Michelle Cresswell – Property
Tenancy, Eviction and Disrepair
Just a little card to say a big thank you .....Your support and encouragement over the process (as well as all the legal stuff!) has been invaluable to myself and.....if there is any way I could repay your kindness and empathy..... Many thanks, Mary, I consider you a true friend and ally!.
Mary Shaw – Family
Mental Health
Really appreciate your patience and understanding, and great professional approach. Hopefully we will see each other again, if not, I'll happily recommend you to anyone who may need your services.
Mary Shaw – Family
Claims, Debts and Consumer Disputes
Thanks again for all your amazing help over the case – you helped me so much at a time that was probably the most stressful I’ve had in my life (which for the things in my background is saying something). My very best to you and your team.
Jenny Carter – Family
Accident and Injuries
Thank you so much for everything and more...
Bryony Rest – Immigration
Public Authority and Human Rights Claims
Thank you so much. Of course I regret that I will probably not see you again but at least I can draw a line under all this. Thank you for all your work and help and warmth.
Mary Shaw – Family



My thanks to Mary for her understanding and support through the last couple of years.
Mary Shaw – Family
Thanks for doing such a fantastic job with all my mum’s various legal things to sort. Its been very painless and hugely appreciated.
Cliff Veitch – Property
We would like to take this opportunity to offer our many thanks for all the help and advice you gave us.
Sukhi Patter – Family
Legal Assistant
Thanks for all your cares, for all your encouragement and all you help. We just want to thank you and God bless you.
Rebecca Boniface – Family

Motoring Offences

motoring offences

Have you been caught speeding, charged with dangerous driving or some other road traffic offence?  

Our road traffic specialists in Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields are available to represent people who are accused of motoring offences.  We have many years’ experience in conducting trials, including drink-driving offences, speeding, careless and dangerous driving and death caused by careless or dangerous driving.

All motorists will be familiar with the penalty points system, which can result in disqualification from driving if you accrue 12 points over a 3-year period.  The team has represented clients up to the Court of Appeal on road traffic matters and we are experienced in challenging the imposition of penalty points, including speed camera readings, both fixed and mobile.

When a motoring offence has been committed you need to be aware that even if you do accrue 12 points over a 3 year period we can argue before the court that you should not be disqualified as this will make you suffer from ‘exceptional hardship’. Such hardship is not restricted to financial hardship.  Our team, in Newcastle or South Shields, can provide representation at court and argue on your behalf that you should not lose your driving licence.

Many people who commit a motoring offence are unfamiliar with the availability of ‘special reasons’ in certain circumstances.  This is the process whereby we can argue on your behalf that reasons exist so that you should not have penalty points endorsed on your licence, or that you should not be disqualified from driving.

Our team may be able to attend many of the hearings on your behalf, so you do not need to attend. For further advice on all motoring offences contact our specialist team in Newcastle upon Tyne or South Shields.