Separation Agreements

Urgent applications in divorce

Separation agreements allow couples to formalise their separation without getting divorced.

Applying to the court for a divorce is a significant step, both legally and psychologically.  You may prefer to reach an agreement about financial and practical matters arising out of your separation without involving any court procedures at all.

The way this can be achieved is for you both to sign a written legal document which incorporates the agreement you have reached. Commonly, such separation agreements deal with confirmation that you are to live apart, arrangements for your children and the way your family finances are to be restructured.

Our experienced team in Newcastle and South Shields will advise you about all aspects of your separation agreement.  This includes explaining the different ways in which you can discuss and resolve the issues you are facing such as family mediation and collaborative family law. All of our team are members of Resolution, and are committed to resolving issues in a constructive and non-confrontational way by agreement.

We know that it is normal for separating couples to experience many stressful emotions and we will advise you about non-legal support services, such as couple or individual counselling,  that you may find helpful at this difficult time.

For more information about separation agreements please contact our experienced team.

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