Our reputation for providing expert family law advice extends to specialist advice on legal issues relating to surrogacy.

We provide a complete surrogacy planning legal advice service, helping you through the complicated maze of legal issues associated with creating a family in this special way. We provide a welcoming, sensitive and confidential service to surrogate parents as well as the intended parents.

UK law does not recognise the intended parents as legal parents of their child from birth. Parental responsibility remains with the surrogate mother (and father if the surrogate mum is married) until such a time as the legal paperwork has been completed.

There are a number of legal considerations which means that you’ll need specialist advice. Not all family lawyers have the necessary expertise in this area, but we have several lawyers with years of experience helping families.

We provide legal and advice and support:

  • Surrogacy planning legal advice – UK and International
  • Parental Order Applications
  • Surrogacy disputes
  • Heterosexual, same-sex, and single intended parents
  • Surrogate parents

We are able to issue proceedings at a North East Family Court at competitive fees with no need to issue in London.

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