Family and Friends Carers (Kinship Carers)

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Kinship care is where a child is looked after by family members other than parents or by family friends. This can happen at any time but is often to stop a child being taken into foster care.

If you are considering caring for a child that is not your own then it is extremely important that you take legal advice about the situation.

You may need advice about:

• Talking to Children’s Services if you are worried about a child.
• Talking to someone about asking for a child to come and live with you.
• Whether or not you need to make an application to the Court.
• What support may be offered to you by Children’s Services and other organisations

In some circumstances, where Children’s Services are involved in placing a child in your care you may need to be assessed as a foster carer.

You may receive financial support for caring for a child whether or not you are a foster carer.

It is crucial to take legal advice at an early stage in a situation where you may be thinking about caring for a child or even if you are already caring for that child. The rules about the support you may get are very complex and it is important that you receive expert advice.

We have a wealth of experience in representing family members and friends involved in a situation where they may be taking on the care of a child.

Our award winning team includes 7 Law Society Children Panel members. These Solicitors are accredited by the Law Society as specialists in this area of law. If you need advice please contact our specialist team at either our Newcastle or South Shields office.