Forced Marriages

forced marriage

Allegations of forced marriage or honour based violence are frightening and distressing for everyone involved. We know you may be feeling scared, anxious and uncertain, and that you will need the best legal advice.

Our award winning team of lawyers in Newcastle and South Shields provide a highly skilled and effective service.

We will listen to your worries and concerns and give you clear advice about your options. We work with people who are being accused of forcing someone into a marriage, as well as those who need to take action to prevent a forced marriage from happening.

We will advise you about steps you can take on an urgent basis to protect yourself, and our experienced team of lawyers can represent you in any relevant court proceedings.

We work with local support services to ensure you receive the practical and emotional help you may need, such as counselling, help with benefits and finding somewhere safe to live.

To speak to someone in confidence about forced marriage please contact us by phone or email to or Chat Live on our website.

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