Gender Recognition

Gender Recognition Act 2004Applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate can be a daunting and stressful process but  the end result can be life changing for you and your loved ones.

Deciding to legally formalise your transition from your assigned to your chosen gender can be an anxious time. We understand that you will want a solicitor who can  handle your case sensitively and offer you a confidential and efficient service.

We provide information, advice and assistance for clients who are considering applying for, or are applying for, a Gender Recognition Certificate.

We can assist you in preparing your application and can advise you about the implications of this for your marriage, civil partnership and pensions.

We will provide you with comprehensive legal advice to help you consider whether you want to make the application, and if you do we can prepare your application.

We know that this will be something that you will have taken a long time to consider and we recognise that it will be  very important to you  that you are successful.

Our family team has close links with the LGBT community and we will be understanding, supportive and informed.

If you would like to get more information on Gender Recognition or to discuss your situation in confidence please contact us via this website or by phone. Our Customer Relationship Manager Louise Law will be pleased to help you.