Collaborative Law


In the Collaborative Law process (also known as Collaborative Family Law or Collaborative Practice) each person has his or her own specially trained lawyer. You, your partner and both lawyers work as a team to resolve issues in a series of round table 4-way meetings (two of you plus two lawyers).

We all sign an agreement at the beginning that we will not go to court. If one of you later changes your mind about this, both of you have to appoint new lawyers. This helps to ensure we all remain focussed on constructively resolving the issues and threatening phrases like “see you in court” lose all meaning. In our experience this feature of the agreement is very powerful and encourages imaginative problem solving and allows you to reach a truly tailor-made set of solutions for you both and for your children.

Unlike court where a judge decides what is important in your case if something is important to one of you then it is important in the process and will be given time.

Our specialist lawyers at our Newcastle and South Shields offices are by your side throughout the collaborative law process to manage the discussions in a constructive, non-confrontational way. As the discussions take place face to face there is little room for misunderstandings.

Our collaborative lawyers are trained to help you to overcome communication difficulties so you can focus on finding the solutions that are right for your family. They will advise and guide you about the law, working together to encourage you to consider the whole family’s needs.

It is usual for other professionals to be brought into the collaborative law process to help us all find solutions for your family. These people can include accountants, pensions experts, tax advisers and family consultants to offer emotional support and insight to help you through.

Meetings usually last for one to two hours and typically,  there are between two and four meetings, depending on how complex your case is.

We undertook the first collaborative case in the north east almost 10 years ago and now have 5 collaborative lawyers in our team. We are listed in Tier 1 in Legal 500  where we are noted for our collaborative law work. In  Chambers we are also listed in Tier 1 -“..the team stands out for its collaborative law expertise”.

For more information please contact us for a  no obligation chat with one of our collaborative law team in Newcastle, South Shields and, by appointment, Hexham.