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Elderly Care
Thank you very much. I feel much better now. That's really happy news for me. Thank you again.
Rebecca Boniface – Family
Housing and Property
Thank you so much for all your patience, help and guidance. This has helped make our Christmas even more joyous.
Rebecca Boniface – Family
Wills, Probate and Trusts
Thank you very much for your tireless effort to solve our case not to mention your professionalism, empathy and brilliance.
Bryony Rest – Immigration
Courts, Police and Prisons
Thank you very much for all the work you have so far done for me. I am so indebted that words may not express my gratitude.
Amy Stolting – Family
Tenancy, Eviction and Disrepair
Thank you for being a fantastic solicitor and source of support Mary I needed it!!!.
Mary Shaw – Family
Mental Health
I have nothing but good things to say about the service which has been provided. I hope I will not find myself in a position to have to do so, but if any of my friends are faced with divorce proceedings I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team.
Mary Shaw – Family
Claims, Debts and Consumer Disputes
Thank you for your highly professional support, and attention to detail……. At the start I was not sure how the long distance collaboration would work but it has been a very friendly, easy, working relationship between us, and I appreciate very much how you conveyed a sense of solidarity to me even though we have never met. I would also like to thank Kim who was the perfect 'relay' between us whenever it was necessary.
Mary Shaw – Family
Accident and Injuries
You are always so gentle and kind, and take care to explain things in great detail for me to understand.
Mike Bishop – Mental Health
Public Authority and Human Rights Claims
At times of acute anxiety Paula has been a calming influence. She is efficient, helpful, very sympathetic & has a personal way that is so comforting, she is an asset to the firm.  A lot of our success must be attributed to Paula. No hesitation in recommending Paula to anyone.
Paula Harris – Civil



Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, for being patient, kind and empathetic.
Ashley Malone – Civil
Jane is a good listener. The whole process went smoothly… much easier than I had imagined The whole process went well. Many thanks to Jane and her team.  
Jane Wilkinson – Family
It was wonderful to meet you on the day and I still have not found enough words to say Thank you for all you are doing for my son.
Mike Bishop – Mental Health
Legal Assistant
We are most indebted to you for the invaluable service, advice and guidance that you have given us and most of all your.
Brian Hegarty – Crime

Customer Relationship Managers

Our Team

Customer Relationship Manager
I would like to thank you for the service you have provided over the past few weeks. I believe that you’re prompt intervention, with regard to legality, and the professional manner in which you presented at the hearing played a key part in the other parties’ claim being dismissed.
Lucy Mead – Family

Our Team



Legal Assistants

Customer Relationship Managers