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Business Advice
Mary, thank you very much for all the time and effort you have put in to get me to this good place now.
about Mary Shaw – Family
Elderly Care
A heartfelt gratitude from me for your encouragement, support, belief, understanding, hard work... everything really! You are a blessing to us, our family and ministry.
about Bryony Rest – Immigration
Housing and Property
Thanks again for all your amazing help over the case – you helped me so much at a time that was probably the most stressful I’ve had in my life (which for the things in my background is saying something). My very best to you and your team.
about Jenny Carter – Family
Wills, Probate and Trusts
 She believed in me and stood by me, even when times were difficult and I was beginning to buckle under the pressure she offered me strong shoulders.
about Emma Silburn
Thanks for all your cares, for all your encouragement and all your help. We just want to thank you and God bless you.
about Rebecca Boniface – Family
Courts, Police and Prisons
Many thanks for what you have done for us in this matter.  You cannot imagine how relieved and grateful we are this is now at an end and we are so thankful for everything you have done. We couldn't have managed without you.
about Paula Harris – Civil
Tenancy, Eviction and Disrepair
A big thank you, I was over the moon with the outcome of court.
about Laura Croft – Family
Mental Health
Thank you very much for the work you did for me. In future I still want to maintain David Gray Solicitors LLP as my representatives. You are absolutely the best.
about Bryony Rest – Immigration
Accident and Injuries
Thanks for all your efforts over the last 5 months.
about Joanne Charlton – Family
Public Authority and Human Rights Claims
I would just like to say thanks for all the help and support that you have given me through my wife's visa application.
about Bryony Rest – Immigration



This was a potentially very difficult time for me, and your family services (including the additional work done by your conveyancing dept.) were exceptional. It wasn't just that they were efficient and effective, it was that the divorce was carried out in a friendly and human manner. I really felt like Jane understood the emotional as well as the legal side of things and that made a world of difference. I achieved the relatively painless amicable divorce and housing resolution that I was looking for, and I attribute this in no small part to your services. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone else in my circumstances.
about Jane Wilkinson
Many thanks for all your help and hard work in getting these orders in place.
about Mary Shaw – Family
I just wanted to write and thank you for all your hard work in handling my case – and for your kindness, patience and empathy.  Having you “fighting” my corner and advising me, made what was a very difficult time a little easier.  Thank you and best wishes.
about Elspeth Thomson – Family
Legal Assistant
Firstly many thanks for handling our case and its successful outcome, we are delighted that matters have been sorted.
about Elspeth Thomson – Family

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Our Team

Customer Relationship Manager
Thank you for working tirelessly on our behalf. Your thoughtfulness and empathy went a long way.
about Bryony Rest – Immigration

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Legal Assistants

Customer Relationship Managers